Five Things How To Recognize Children's Character

Monday, September 19, 2011 Label:
Becky Tumewu, the artist and the mother of two children, the event featured speakers workhop "Dare To Appear in Front of Children's General" in the cafeteria Graha Unilever. On the occasion, Becky share tips on how to recognize the character of children.

There are at least 5 things that can be used to identify the character of children. Becky invites parents to recognize the language of love of children seen from the words of praise, touch, gifts, service and attendance.

"There are kids who like to be praised, like to cuddle. We need to know this in order to more easily communicate,''he explained.

For parents who have plenty of time to spend with the kids, build a communication may not be a difficult thing. However, for busy parents and assisted by a baby sitter in the care of children, Becky advised not to get discouraged.

"We must maintain the intensity of communication links with the baby sitter because they are an extension of the hands of parents and children,''he said. He suggested that parents remain busy despite taking the time to call in the office.
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