So in order Courageous Kids, Know They Language Through His love

Monday, September 19, 2011 Label:
In order for children to be brave and not ashamed to appear in public, parents have a big role. It is said by Becky Tumewu.

The mother of two children was a speaker in the event workhop "Dare To Appear in Front of Children's General" in the cafeteria Graha Unilever. So that children dare to appear, a woman born in Jakarta May 27, 1970, said parents should be active and often engage her in conversation.

"Even when children are not fluent, we should often invited talk,''he said. The pattern of these communications will be carried over until the child is growing up.

He asserted that the environment, especially the elderly as a matter of co mempengharuhi personality. According to him, a child who is gentle and loving because he lives in a loving environment.

In order to more easily communicate with children, he invites the parents to recognize the characteristics of the child first.

"Every child is unique. They are excellent imitators and tend to imitate their parents,''he said." Every child is different. Parents should obtain the best thing for him.''
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