Apple launched OSX Lion in Shape USB Drive

Saturday, August 27, 2011 Label:
Apple on Tuesday launched Lion X operating system that is packaged in a USB drive and sells for $ 69, just a month after it debuted the operating system via a download online for $ 29.99.
So why would someone want to pay $ 69 for software that is available with the online half price on the Mac App Store Apple?
Not everyone has a fast Internet broadband connection, users will need a long time, not to mention a slow Internet connection to download the software OS X Lion 3.49 gigabytes in size.
Therefore, there are some users who choose to get the latest software in a physical format and they can get a USB drive OS X Lion through the Apple online store and Apple retail stores.
Apple also allow owners to download and install Mac OS X Lion for $ 29.99 at the Apple retail stores, because they have a good Internet broadband connection.
For users who already downloaded, but worried that someday the new operating system suffered damage, Apple has provided OS X Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for free, it allows users to repair their own drives.
But Assistant Recovery Disk requires a good Internet connection. No internet?, Users can do with a USB drive or an Apple store "walk-in and download" is the only way to get the new operating system.
No cardboard, no command manually - a USB drive attached to a single sheet of card stock paper. Apple minimalist.
In OS X Lion USB drive (of course) there are more than 250 new features, which is an improvement from previous versions of OS X, called Snow Leopard, according to the Los Angeles Times.
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