Perform XL Network Modernization in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Saturday, August 27, 2011 Label:
XL successfully completed the modernization of infrastructure in North Sumatra. In this program, XL to modernize the network, change the device a sophisticated and efficient in terms of specification, to energy consumption.
West Region Vice President of XL, said Agus Simorangkir, XL continues to innovate to improve telecommunications services. Rapid innovation can foster competitive markets.
"Innovation in the network is necessary. Currently voice and SMS is less popular in the cellular world, the data becomes more relevant. With the increasing demand for data services, especially in North Sumatra in Medan, the reason for the XL to modernize the network. One of them switch to the network device changes from the old models become more sophisticated and of course, "he explained.
Simorangkir Agus added that Phase II modernization that has taken place between September 8 to 21 August 2011 is also the addition of transmission of the model TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) to a system of IP (Internet Protocol). So that data access is faster and wider bandwidth.
"We hope that the completion of the modernization of the network phase II will be able to anticipate future developments, especially in the field of service request data is growing very fast. Of course with this modernization, additional network capacity will be more fulfilled in the face of subscriber growth in the future, "he said.
Modernization Phase II was conducted at 40 sites in the city of Medan and 66 base stations spread across Southern Tapanuli, City Sidempuan, Padang Lawas North and Madina. While the addition of 3G in the city of Medan and Padang, there are 10 there are 6 pieces Sidempuan 3G. Lodging in the city of Medan, the current ratio of 3G is a proportional one, where there is a 2G base stations, there also has 3G.
The new network devices that will be used by the XL is also environmentally friendly. This new device requires a lower power consumption, smaller size, also adopted the concept of "Single RAN", which can combine several types of base stations to only one BTS only.
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