Thema stretcher Champion, Nexian release 10 mobile phone and One Tablet

Thursday, June 9, 2011 Label:
Indonesia welcomes the organization of International Communications Expo and Conference 2011 (Indonesia ICC 2011), Cell phones Nexian Group released the latest eleven.

Latest Products Android platform consists of smartphones, touch screen phones and music phones. The new variant Nexian targeting this segment varied labeled Champion.

Apparently, our athletes inspire the spirit Nexian. ''The athlete with the unyielding spirit, struggling with a strong determination to Indonesia beloved Champion. With that spirit Nexian appreciate all his dedication to excellence through the spirit Nexian Champion spirit,''said CEO Cellular Group, Martono Jaya Kusuma in Jakarta, Wednesday (8 / 6)

About the new line up these multisegmen, Martono said that every product we've launched through surveys and planning and implementation of optimal products so that appropriate class. He also optimistic that the product will respond with a good market.

Nexian''always brings a lot of different products from the technology, applications and pricing. We give a touch different from every product to support the diversity of consumer desire "said Martono.

For the category of Android, Nexian offer Nexian Genius tablet NX A7500 and two family smartphones Jiurney ie NX NX A891 and A892. All three carry the Android Froyo 2.2, Qualcomm chipsets and LCD Screen Capacitive Multitouch.

For its own Android platform, pioneered by Nexian Journey Nexian NX A890. This smartphone is claimed success in the market and become a conversation between users phones Android OS.

While the category of Touch and Tap, there are four new products namely Nexian Champion GX 965, Nexian Capuccino NX 869, GX 857 Nexian Snap and Tap NX Nexian G868. Nexian also released four music phone category.
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