SmartFren Launches Mobile Phone That Can Generate Money for Owners

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Now, the function Hanphone (phones) are no longer just a communication tool, but has already entered the data or Internet services. Not only that, the phone also as a means of banking transactions.

"This function is increased as innovation PT Saebo with the launch of the phone called MyPhone," said Sonny Kadharmestan, Managing Director of PT Saebo in Jakarta, Sunday.

According to Sonny, the phone will also have an application that has not been embedded in other phones, among other applications entitled "Mobile Income Generator" is, can make money passively for the owner.

"Yes, through this application, users will be sent an ad campaign from every SMS and phone calls to his cell phone. From every ad that comes in, the user will get the benefit of Rp25," he said.

Thus, more and more users to receive SMS and telephone, the more money it receives.

"This phone is temporarily on" bundling "with Android Wide Smartfren phone output. Because this application can only be used in the" Operating System Android ". People who want to use this application to become a member that has been embedded in this phone. So any money coming directly sent to their account, "said Sonny.

Sonny added, with this application, it will save the cost of a product promotion and advertising is no longer a consumer disturbing thing but be something that in later-later.

"So long as these ads may be 'annoying' mobile phone users are now just a feature to look forward. At the same time, advertisers are also enjoying the cost-effectiveness that has never enjoyed, where they only pay based on the number of consumers who see and 'respond' ad, "he explained.

Source: Antara
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