Because of the Nuclear Age New Baby Women's Downhill?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Label:
Nuclear era not only affects the occurrence of genetic disorders. Moreover, the nuclear era alleged ringleader decrease in the number of female births worldwide. Thus the results of a recent study published by researchers from the Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany.
Results of research now suggests radiation from leaking nuclear power stations and the implementation of nuclear bomb testing has resulted in millions of female babies born less worldwide. The scientists recorded the type of explosive atmospheres have significant effects than the incidence Chernobly, Ukraine.
The condition is caused by air flow capture atoms ejected from the explosion. Catch air atoms by subsequent spread throughout the world. "The state closest to Chernobyl radiation receiving the strongest effect," said Hagen Scherb, a biostatistician, Center for Environmental Health Research in GermanyMunich.
As an illustration, Hagen said, more baby boys born than girls that occurred in Belarus, a close neighbor Ukraine. While in France, by contrast, numbersborn women tend more than men.
Departing from the fact that, Hagen predict the effects of a nuclear reactor Daiichi, Japan will reduce the number of female births in the U.S. west coast. "Maybe it was limited to just Japan, but when mixed in water and air, maybe we could see a similar effect, especially on the West Coast of America," he said.
Hangen explained, the results of tests showed radiation causes damage to the X chromosome in sperm. A human sperm cell contains either the X or Y chromosome, while the egg only has the Y chromosome The combination of XY will be boys, while the combination XX will be girls.
For information, under normal conditions without radiation, the number of boys and girls reach 105-100. However, the effects of radiation caused a decrease in female births to 1 per cent. Cases that occurred in 1964-1975, the birth rate baby boys tend to be high. Something similar happened in 1986,just as the Chernobyl reactor exploded.
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