China Promises More investment to Indonesia

Saturday, May 28, 2011 Label:
Flood of imported Chinese products in Indonesia has not been offset by the increase in China's domestic investment in the country.
It was complained of by the Vice President to the Prime Minister Boediono People's Republic of China (PRC) Wen Jiabao during a speaker in the dialogue Indonesia - China business forum, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Saturday (30 / 4).
According to Boediono, Indonesia's trade relations with China (PRC) have increased significantly in the last five tahuh. Currently, China is a country of non-oil export destination Indonesia's second largest.
Instead they are the largest supplier of imported goods of non oil and gas. "The trading volume can certainly continue to increase in coming years," he said.
Even by 2015 trade between the two countries are expected to reach 80 billion U.S. dollars, or almost twice lipai when compared to 2010 and which only reached 42.7 billion U.S. dollars. "The two countries agreed to guard the trade balance is maintained. It is important to ensure the growth of trade between the two countries continues, "he explained
Unfortunately, although imports from China is high, but from the investment side of Chinese direct investment into Indonesiap still very far away. China ranked only 13 out of investors in another country.
Therefore, he requested that more Chinese entrepreneurs would invest directly in the ground water. "It's the right time for entrepreneurs to China to increase investment in Indonesia," he said.
In response, the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has said it will more actively invest in Indoneisa. One of them either during the construction of six economic corridor planned by the Indonesian government. These investments both from the energy sector (electricity), roads, railways and so forth.

"He added. willing to help pmbanunan Indonesia's infrastructure, "he explained, contrary Indonesian businessmen are expected to also be able to invest in China.
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