Want to Invest Despite Small Salaries, Why not?

Saturday, May 28, 2011 Label:
Small salary does not mean can not invest. On the contrary, investing is one way to get additional revenue. Especially as the line needs continue to increase. Therefore, no one can set aside a percentage of revenues to be invested.

"Salaries are not small problems, because investment capital knows no boundaries," said Head of Investment CIMB Sun Life, Beby Lesmana to Republika.co.id, on the sidelines Investment Workshop for Journalist held CIMB Sun Life, in Jakarta, May 26, 2011.

It is said Beby, underpaid such as 2 million rupiah per month allowing a person can invest. Like, planting stock. The consideration, said Beby, Indonesia's economic growth up to 6:46 per cent to investors do not hesitate to invest in Indonesia.

Stock investment at this time, he said, is an attractive instrument to be chosen, because the prospects are still good and promising. "If you have such a budget allocation of 2 million dollars, could be set aside about 500 thousand to invest in any field for example, retail. If collected in the long term could be large numbers, "he said.

Talking about the potential sectors for investment, said Beby current national economic growth many in the consumption sector prop. Therefore, the shares in a company engaged in the consumption sector will be good stock. In addition, the banking sector also has good prospects for dibelli by the community. Because banks are still giving credits to the public.

Although prospective, Beby warned not to make the stock as a container for a short-term investment. Therefore, short-term investments only make the risk of loss even greater. According to him, place a small investment to salaried individuals are deposits or mutual funds. He said both reksana fund deposits or very safe. "Deposits tend to be safe, but the flowers are small, but it is enough for wedding expenses," he said.
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