Build Cloud Computing, Fujitsu Invest 40 Million U.S. Dollars

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Demonstrate its seriousness in the development of cloud computing, Fujitsu claims to have invested 40 million dollars to build a service that was developing rapidly in Southeast Asia.

There was no denying the cloud computing service has penetrated the joints of the smallest examples of current technology email and social networking, says Fujitsu Fujitsu Conference 2011 here on Thursday.

Fujitsu, Vice President of Fujitsu Indonesia Achmad S Sofwan, see cloud computing service is absolutely needed by the customer and the company is now Indonesia. "Fujitsu has disbursed 40 million dollars to build a cloud computing competencies and capabilities in Southeast Asia," he said.

The event was attended by 600 customers, partners, and IT experts, Fujitsu discuss thoroughly the development of IT in Indonesia and all kinds of products from servers, computers, tablets and did not miss three Fujitsu accurate solution in the cloud computing services.

The third solution is the Global Platform Fujitsu, Fujitsu IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service: infrastructure as a service) and Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services.

"It's been 76 years, Fujitsu serve customers with innovative technologies, products, services and solutions," he said.

On that occasion, Fujitsu formed a partnership with VMware to deliver the best solutions for customers in Indonesia in terms of virtualization as a catalyst and starting point for cloud computing.

"Cloud computing service promises its customers an efficient IT services," said Andreas Ananto Kagawa, Country Manager VMware Indonesia.

There are three special sessions of discussion at the conference Human Centric Innovation, a new approach to IT to deliver benefits to humans, then Technology & Trends, as well as the Virtualization & Cloud discuss a synchronized data centers in real time, secure, and cloud computing.

The event was also supported by Symantec, VMware, Intel, Cisco, SAP,, Brocade and Eaton.

Source : Antara
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