Fujitsu Cloud to Offer Three Indonesian Market

Friday, June 17, 2011 Label:
Fujitsu Indonesia offers three services cloud computing (cloud computing) for the Indonesian market. The three are the Global Platform Fujitsu, Fujitsu and Fujitsu SAP IaaS Cloud Servives Professional.
All three offerings are called the President Director of Fujitsu Indonesia, Achmad S Sofwan in response to the need for platform-based services in Indonesia. ''All three offerings are developed together with customers after understanding and mendlami various challenges and opportunities they face,''said Sofwan in Jakarta, Thursday (16 / 6).
Fujitsu Fujitsu Global Platform is the standard for the infrastructure as a service (infrastructure as a service). At Fujitsu combines the scalability of these services public cloud and enterprise-class security and setting the specifications of the private cloud. The service is prepared to serve the needs of multinational companies local infrastructure spread across various locations.
Fujitsu SAP IaaS is a service aimed at corporations that use SAP as banks. Developed as an infrastructure service platform SAP yet cost-effective and tailored to business needs. ''The SAP users can cut costs by 30 percent or more, while ensuring the availability of services can meet the needs of mission critical applications across the SAP environment,''said Sofwan.
Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services is a service that aims to prepare the organization to adopt cloud computing roadmap in accordance with specific needs. In this case the Fujitsu will actively help customers locate and understand the changes and chances of implementation of cloud computing.
Includes assessing the various options erhadap cloud so customers can make choices based on full information. This service, according to Sofwan, including feasibility studies, program introduction cloud computing, design and deployment, education and training and extension services and delivery.
Asked to comment on segmentation to be targeted, Sofwan stating that the service provided is basically prepared for all corporations.''Includes small and medium enterprises. We do not focus on one or two segments, because of all corporations basically need a cloud,''said Sofwan.
Consider the existence of corporations - which generally have implemented IT -, cloud services will adjust. ''We will conduct the assessment in advance. For example a company using the 50 applications, of which there are applications which can be integrated in the cloud which do not,''the story Sofwan.
Applications that can not integrated in cloud computing, of course maintained. The company''would have, say two cloud, but with a cheaper operating costs,''said Sofwan.
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