New Recognition Citibank: 360 thousand customers So Cyber ​​Attacks Victims in May

Friday, June 17, 2011 Label:
Citigroup Inc. said in May influential cyber attacks on more than 360,000 subscribers, or nearly double the original amount originally announced the bank.

After a week under pressure to disclose data breaches, the third largest U.S. bank in terms of assets has revealed more details in a statement Wednesday night.

Violation, which was first published on June 8, was initially detected on May 10. A total of 360,083 credit card accounts at Citibank North America affected by the breach, the bank said.

The bank said about 1 percent of North American customers have been dealt cards, repeating comments made last week.

But the bank's annual report says that the number of subscribers currently total 21 million. Citigroup said it had to reprint 217,657 credit card with a letter of notification.

Source: Reuters
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