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Friday, June 17, 2011 Label:
Telkomsel will acquire a company engaged in the services of content providers , organizer of digital music, mobile advertising, payment system, as well as on-line media.

"Currently, we are watching the company related services and digital creative industries that will be our acquisition," said President Director of Telkomsel, Sarwoto Atmosutarno, through seminars and Perhumas National Congress, said here on Thursday.

According Sarwoto, the institute has conducted a study to pinpoint a number of companies. "Just waiting for the approval of shareholders only (Telkom and Telkomsel). If you agree to the plan, yes ... we will be realized," said Sarwoto.

He ensures that the acquisition of CP and corporate mobile services supporting the creative industries will not affect the parent company, PT Telkom's business that are currently being intensively to develop information services, media and edutaintment.

"It could be the same service, but packaging and delivery to the customer how to be different. Anyway, this could also be synergized," he said.
He added that the acquisition plan is in line with the company's programs increase the earnings of the company.

However, did not specify the investment Sarwoto prepared to acquire the company in question. "Yes ... it depends. Funds are always ready. Just waiting for permission from shareholders," he said.

He added that the acquisition of the targeted firms ranging from Rp 10 billion.

Sources: Antara
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