Telkomsel Cash Master eMoney 43 Percent Market Share

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Telkomsel's mobile wallet service, Telkomsel Cash (TCash) is targeted to add new customers as much as 7 million in 2011. This service is a market share of 43 percent for mobile wallet service or eMoney.
''Of the target of 7 million, to May 2011 we have had about 5 million new subscribers. We are optimistic target of 7 million by the end of 2011 could be achieved,''said GM Telkomsel Mobile Commerce Development, Rayhan in Jakarta, Thursday (23 / 6).
The rapid growth of new subscribers in the first half of this year, said Rayhan, not apart from the ease of registration is developed. It includes many new features and expanding merchant. Mercant TCash reached 350 with about 9,000 service points.
Rapid growth of Telkomsel Cash, Rayhan said, making Telkomsel as a service with the largest market share in Indonesia today. Until October 2010''Tcash market share reached 43 percent,''said Rayhan on Synergy discussion Operators and Banking in encouraging the growth of Less Cash Society.
TCash released in November 2007, after Bank Indonesia's Telkomsel to get permission to give a license to use the card payment instrument (APMK). With the license, Telkomsel and then develop a mobile wallet service (Telkomsel Cash) and money transfer services (Telkomsel Remmitance).

Until May 2011, service users or eMoney mobile wallet is expected to reach 10 million. EMoney issuer''in Indonesia is currently recorded 11 publishers,''said Senior Analyst of Bank Indonesia, Ida Yunarti.
Of the 11 organizers, according to Ida, there are five organizers of the bank consists of four commercial banks and one BPD. As for non-bank consists of five operators and one non-bank companies.
Talking about the amount of the transaction, Ida called eMoney encouraging growth. There are about 72,718 transactions per month or about 50 transactions per minute. Growth''is encouraging, because the new eMoney age of four years,''said Ida. Credit card transaction is estimated to reach 320 transactions per minute.
Asked to comment on the development of mobile wallet technology, Rayhan said it is conducting studies to implement new technologies such as RFID or near field communication (NFC). Is the slow implementation of new technology implementation as there are regulatory constraints, Rayhan reluctant to say.
Regulatory affairs, Ida states that Bank Indonesia is not based on technology developed, but the service is implemented. Example of cash in and cash out that one obstacle in the development TCash Telkomsel.
Ida said that in principle the payment point must have permission to cash in and cash out. ''We have to close supervision in order to avoid distortions, such as the event made money loundering,''he said giving an example.
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