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Trends in electronic money (e-money) which is managed by mobile operators feared to narrow the role of banks as providers of financial transactions. The use of electronic money as a means of payment continues to grow. Until 2011 there are at least 10 million cards and HP are used as means of payment.
Director of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Gatot M Suwondo said that currently most Indonesian people have even started to depend on technological literacy. "This makes it began bergerser way to transact," he said Thursday (23 / 6).
No longer have to go to the bank to deposit money or exchanged for cash. Simply through the ATM even more sophisticated by using a cell phone. ATM usage once the transition takes 10 years. "To use a handheld phone to a means of payment will certainly be faster," he said.
Ditakutnya However, if this tendency is not well laid out, fear of banking functions will be lost. "There's Fund cheapening of financial transaction services," he said. It is therefore necessary to have clear rules about electronic financial transactions. Especially in terms of type and number of transactions that can be done. "For example, the transaction set a maximum of 50 thousand and only to pay a little like buying a drink," he said.
Director of Accounting and Payment System BI, Ronald Waas, said banks should not have to worry about this tendency. Ronald said electronic money began to widely used since 2007. "In that year there were 400 thousand cards and mobile phones are used as means of payment," he said.
That number is then increased in 2009 to 3 million tools. "Until April, the number has reached 10 million devices," he said. Electronic payment instrument is issued by 11 companies. "Six issuer is a bank. While the other five are outside bank institution, where four of which are telecommunications providers, "he said.
On average there are 95 thousand transactions using electronic money with a value of USD 1.9 billion per day. "It is still smaller than the value of transactions conducted through the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) through a bank," he said. For RTGS, each day there are 60 thousand transactions with a value of Rp 215 trillion. "So in fact the bank does not need to worry too much," he said. In addition, through the ATM debit transactions reached Rp 2,000 trillion. "From there, seen that the function of banks is still very large," he said.
According to Waas existing restrictions on electronic transactions conducted by Bank Indonesia. "This transaction should only be used for micro-scale maximum of Rp 5 million and not more than Rp 20 million in one month," he said.
For transactions of up to Rp 1 million, the customer does not need to register. While the transaction with a par value of Rp 5 million must register first. "This is a request to all registered PPATK to prevent money laundry," he said.
Electronic Transactions Act also stipulated in the ITE. "It is not mentioned explicitly on the issue of electronic money. But the mention of electronic transactions, "he said. In the regulation of electronic transactions should not be done by the bank. "But can also be done by isntansi long as they have a license," he said.
Electronic transactions, says Waas, should be monitored and controlled. "However there is potential for crime. It should be anticipated, "he said.
He warned that the use of electronic money can be an instrument of BI to control the amount of money circulating in the community. "So the burden of Bank Indonesia to provide cash less and less. This is one good solution, "he said.
Moreover, even this trend of electronic money must dimamfaatkan to support the financial affordability of the program (Financsial inclusion) that echoed the BI. "The regions that do not get bank services, can be assisted with the transaction of electronic money by using the facilities of telecommunications carriers," he said. Thus, banks and companies can work together telekonomunikasi.
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