Want Stronger Body? How Samples Popeye

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Label:
Ways used by sailors in the cartoon character, Popeye to make the body strong through the consumption of spinach scientifically justified. A recent study said the consumption of spinach a day to make efficient muscle performance.
Mentioned in the study consumed 300 grams of vegetables spinach reduces the required 5 per cent oxygen the body when exercising. No responsibility that the effect will last for three days.
"The secret is not iron but a natural nitrates contained in vegetables," said Dr. Eddie Weitzberg, researchers from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden as quoted by the Telegraph.co.uk, this weekend. Witzberg explain nitrate compounds contained in spinach make the mitochondria, a kind of machinery in the cell, work efficiently.

"Arguably, similar to spinach addictive substances for your muscles," he said. Because the effect is remarkable, Witzberg advised the public to consume natural nitrate compounds contained in a plate of spinach every day.
Now, the researcher was thought to insert into nitrate compounds in a variety of vegetables to produce more energy. So far, investigators have not found a kind of green vegetables that are high in natural nitrates, such as spinach.
"We know that eating vegetables and fruits to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, but what nutrients related to such effects is not well known," he explained.
From previous research, Weitzberg and Jon Lundberg concluded kolegnya consumption naturally supports the oxidation of nitric oxide in the good bacteria in the human body. Furthermore, nitrate is also making more efficient mitochondrial function in the work.
Popeye is a cartoon character who is quite popular even today. Cartoon character that first appeared in 1930 it is indirectly campaigning spinach consumption in children. Apparently the spinach-related research to justify the ways used by Popeye; when the body wants to be stronger then eat spinach.
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