Avoid Asthma Attacks, Recognize Symptoms

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Asthma is a disease of the lungs peradanga. Airways into the lungs causing respiratory distress or difficulty breathing became short. When the asthma attack, patients can be very miserable and the presence of these diseases reduce the quality of life of sufferers because attacks often occur suddenly
However, asthma can actually be detected by observing a few specific symptoms. The four main symptoms of an asthma attack the most easily recognizable namely coughing, whistling sounds when breathing, tightness and pressure in the chest and shortness of breath. Indeed, sometimes there are symptoms similar to other diseases, for that very direkomendaskan in patients who experience respiratory problems to perform medical examinations.
Effect of asthma in children or adults can be reduced if patients and families quickly recognize the symptoms of the disease. Recognizing these symptoms is important to prevent asthma attacks before they happen rather than mitigate the effects of asthma so he attacked.
The most frequently first warning before the asthma attack is a pressure or tightness in the chest. Asthma sufferers describe feeling heavy on the chest, as it is a thick rubber tape that binds the lungs.
Although asthma is a disease of inflammation, asthma can be mechanisms for the protection of the human body. When at the top of the human respiratory system to recognize the danger, the body will respond by limiting the entrance of air as protection 'lungs are vulnerable.
Apart from chest distress, one conspicuous symptom is cough. There is a difference between common cold and cough of asthma. In the case of asthma, cough is usually very severe and sometimes result in the patient difficult to silence or even sleep. Shortness of breath and wheezing are also other important symptoms that need to be wary of. Often this has almost got an asthma attack though also sometimes not. Because people with asthma do tend to pick the pant.
Other specific symptoms of breath whistled. Such as whistling, then no sound came out during breathing. Unlike symptoms of cough, whistling that can occur at any time as well as night. Usually it is a sign of disturbed due nafast narrowed bronchial tube and began to fill the liquid, resulting in obstructed breathing.
Although asthma sekitr cause 175 deaths per year, early recognition of symptoms of appropriate treatment in most cases can prevent patients from fatal dangers. Asthma attacks often triggered by environmental and / or genetic factors.
Several environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, infection of the respiratory system, stress and psychological pressure and even the use of paracetamol in triggering asthma.
Besides avoiding these factors, a healthy lifestyle can also control the symptoms of asthma with the effects.
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