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Still reluctant to breastfeed and choose to give formula milk for the little guy? It's better to be cautious start have now. This type of formula given to infants primarily affect how quickly they get the weight, according to a new study .
It is important to note, said the researchers, the article added weight rapidly during the first year would increase the risk of infant health in later life, ranging from the risk of obesity, diabetes by developing other diseases.
During the seven-month study, researchers found that babies who drink formula milk from cow's milk increased by about 900 grams than those who drink formula of hydrolyzed protein, which is designed more easily dicerta, says one researcher, Julie Mennella, from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.
The study also showed, although many factors have contributed to the increased weight of the baby, the different types of infant formulas of the selected parents also gave an important difference, according to Mennella said.
It has long been known, based on some previous research, that babies fed on formula milk are more obese than breastfed babies. Mannella said, in a similar study revealed that parents who formula-feeding is less sensitive than the nursing mother of a satiety signal provided by the infant.
Formula for weight gain?
The researchers observed that infants fed cow milk formula, would drink more than those fed hydrolyzed protein formula before it rolled out a sign had been satiated. Could be a reaction in the gut that comes when the baby is fed triggered by the protein is broken down, called the free amino acid. Amino acids of this type is much more abundant in hydrolysed formula instead of cow's milk formula. Terhidrolisat protein-based formula similar to breast milk in amino acid levels.
While the difference may be due to the addition of baby bobo differences in how much they drink and free amino acids are believed to play an important role although not known for certain roles, according to Mennella said as quoted MyHealthNewsDaily. "Formula milk cows do not have a lot of this molecule. Terhidrolisat While formula milk also has more protein than cow's milk formula," he explained.
Typically, said Mennella, terhidrolisat protein-based formula is given only to babies who are allergic to cow's milk terhadai and difficult and take longer to digest cow's milk. Indeed, milk protein type terhidrolisat can cost twice that of cow's milk formula.
In a study published last week in the journal Science Growth, researchers found that babies fed on formula milk terhirolisat experienced additional weight normally, just like breast-fed babies. Only infants fed cow's milk formula is what is accelerating the addition of weight during the first seven months.
"We think it is the role of free amino acid that helps infants recognize hunger and satisfaction," says Mennella. The study was conducted on 64 infants and during the observation, researchers calculate the weight and length of the infants in the beginning of the study as well as growth during the study conducted.
Weight gain breastfed babies are used as 'gold standard'. The size of this is that compared with babies who diberik formula. Each infant was observed weighed and measured every month.
Early childhood weight gain, health risks later
"We need to understand why why the formula from cow's milk makes the baby grow faster than the weight of breastfed infants," says Mennella. The finding that not all types of infant formula to give the same effect of adding weight babies, he added, is also very important.
"Many studies have shown that increased body weight rapidly during the first year is associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and death," says Mennella. "Health begins long-term growth during the age of the baby."
Mennella reveal the following steps to be performed more researchers are examining the effects of free amino acids with other components in the milk formula to describe the effects in greater detail.
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