Display Mirrors Nail Your Health, Oh Yeah?

Saturday, February 5, 2011 Label:
Hands and fingernails are well groomed not only beautify one's appearance but also a reflection of your health. Diagnosis of illness or health problem on one can be seen from the color or shape nails.
According to experts in dermatology, changes in fingernails can be caused by various influences from the outside. The case of brittle nails in a long time can also indicate a lack of iron or disorders of the tonsils.
Fingernails can also tell a lot about the past owner. Long pathways that appear on the nail for most people is common and normal signs of aging. Cross paths on each finger nails, often a pinched impact or injury suffered by the first. Black spots on the nails can be from a carpentry activities, if people exposed hammer blows on his fingers.
But if suddenly appear black spots on the nails should be checked by a doctor. Spots on nails meat can develop melanoma or skin cancer, and it initially looked like a speck. Sometimes it did not look just like spots and brown lines that grow lengthwise along the nail. It could be a harmless mole. But it also could be melanoma that grows under the nails.
White patches or streaks on the nails are not harmful. Meat nails slightly injured will recover. But not only nail color that may change, but also its shape. There is a nail that looks like a convex mirror at or hippocratic nail. In hippocratic nail, nail shape becomes convex and it sometimes shows a sign of great disturbance in the circulation of heart or lung disease.
Dermatology experts recommend anyone who wants to treat the condition of his nails, do not need to be unaffected by the seductive promises of the ad. Your nails do not need extra vitamins such as biotin or other mineral substances.
Pssttt one more ... not too many chemicals or minerals that about nails, it is much more beneficial to your nails
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