Emergency Difficult Liver Cancer Detected

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Although not a killer number one in the world, should be wary of liver cancer. Because the majority of cases of liver cancer is unknown when it was advanced stage. That is, the early stages of development of liver cancer is difficult to detect.
Tediagnosa liver cancer because of the difficulty of the role of hepatitis. Disease that originated from a viral infection of the liver is practically a silent killer because many people do not know he was infected so late and infected for life.
The infection then proceeds to form the connective tissue of the liver caused bumps and disturbances in the function. In the long term disorder that causes people develop cirrhosis and liver cancer.
World Health Organization (WHO) said today about two billion people infected with hepatitis B virus worldwide and 350 million of which continue to be chronic hepatitis B infection. An estimated 600,000 people died per year due to the disease. In Indonesia, the incidence of chronic hepatitis B infection is estimated to reach 5-10 percent of the population.
Prof. dr.Ali Solomon, Sp.PD-KGEH, professor of Faculty of Medicine, Hepatology Division, University of Indonesia in the event of "Improving Life Expectancy Liver Cancer Patients With Therapeutic Targets" held by Bayer in Jakarta on Tuesday (1 / 2) presented in Indonesia, 70 percent of patients with liver cancer caused by hepatitis B.
Ali describes the process of hepatitis became arguably cancer takes a long time. In the beginning, hepatitis B virus will get into the body to destroy the virus and stimulates cells beraktivasi.
As a result, the cells that form a lump in the liver which when left unchecked will be liver cirrhosis and cancer. "This process is also influenced by genes in a family history who appears to have hepatitis. In addition, other factors are obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption and long-term use of anabolic steroids, "he explained.
Ali added hepatitis B virus is a contagious disease. Hepatitis B virus can spread and infect other individuals via blood, urine, feces and semen and vaginal fluids. This disease can also be transmitted from mothers to their babies.
"Hepatitis B positive mother has a 90 percent risk of transmitting the virus to her baby. Moreover, when the baby was not immediately vaccinated, "he said. According to him, the most effective way to prevent this disease is by vaccination with hepatitis B, preventing unsafe sexual behavior, and improve personal hygiene.
Not only that, Ali also explained that most patients with liver cancer and hepatitis patients are men. According to him, referring to recent data the number of comparisons with the women of 3:1 to 5:1.
Until now, said Ali, the exact cause why men suffer more liver cancer and hepatitis is not yet clear. However, he suspected it was caused by hormonal differences, the intensity of the man who spent much wkatu outside.
Others say women have immune systems are stronger than men. "That fact, more men suffer from liver cancer and hepatitis," he explained.
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