Popularized Sharia Finance, Thailand to Indonesia Learning

Saturday, January 22, 2011 Label:
Thailand tempted by the Islamic financial industry in Indonesia. The Thai government through the institution of the Southern Borders Province Administration Centre (SBPAC) conducted a comparative study in Bank Muamalat, Wednesday (18 / 1).

Economic growth of Islam in Indonesia is considered to move quickly into the reasons why the government organization that focuses on the provinces in southern Thailand (majority Muslims) in the country.

According to representatives SBPAC, Aziz Benhawan, sharia economic growth in newly developing countries three to four years. ''So, we came to Indonesia in particular the bank to see how microfinance institutions can we develop also in Thailand,''said the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Peace SBPAC was told Republika.

Until now, the Islamic economic institutions, such as microfinance institutions sharia and Islamic banking is still very low in Thailand. In fact, in Bangkok, there is only one Islamic bank with several branches that are still concentrated in some Muslim majority areas like Pattani and Jala.

''It is expected that with this we can further promote Islamic economics in Thailand, especially for lower-class people,''he explained.
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