Did you know: Nearly 50 Percent Diseases Suffered Indonesian Society for Contaminated Water?

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Unclean lifestyle contribute part in triggering the disease. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the illnesses suffered by people of Indonesia are due to contaminated drinking water bacteria. This fact was revealed through research conducted by the Faculty of Public Health (FKM), University of Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, on page piogama.ugm.ac.id, diarrheal disease is called the second death disease in infants. Diarrhea is also a life perenggut number three in infants and fifth place in all the ages. "The incidence of diarrhea in Indonesia was found to increase every year," said Dr R Budi Haryanto SKM MKM MSc in a media gathering with the theme 'Behind the Threat Watch Your Drinking Water' some time ago. 

Indonesia has set a Unusual status Diarrhea in 16 provinces in 2006. The data was recorded and published in 2008 by the World Bank - Water and Sanitation Program. "Diarrhea is a common occurrence caused by contaminated drinking water Escherichia coli." These bacteria come from human and animal feces, "said Budi, who served as chairman of the Environmental Health Department of Public Health, University of Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, the case thypus average reached 900 thousand events per year. Death rate more than 20 thousand inhabitants. "As many as 91 percent of cases of infection occurred at the age of three to 19 years," said Budi. 

How medical explanation? Dr. SpPD KGEH Chaidir Aulia explained diarrhea can occur within hours or after day ago. Not all people who eat foods or beverages that contain contaminants can become sick. "It really depends on the number of germs that enter and endurance," said a specialist in internal medicine from UB Woman and Children Hospital, Jakarta. 

To avoid the risk of water-related diseases, Budi has appealed to the public utilizing germ-free clean water. Including for washing dishes, cups, spoons, and forks. "If possible soak cutlery with hot water then drain and towel to dry or drying in the sun for 25 minutes for the bacteria die," this environmental health expert advice.
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