Remember! Curb = plunges Children

Friday, January 21, 2011 Label:
For parents, this advice may be worth to be a primary consideration in developing the child grows. Because, although the intent of the good parent, but not always this sweet fruit.
Just look at what the psychologist District General Hospital, Dr Sutomo, Surabaya, Joko, SPSI. According to him, parents should not restrain the child's development, or spoil. This can result in children falling.
"Parents need to bear in fostering the development of children, let them grow themselves in accordance with the spirit and its age," said Joko, SPSI, in a day seminar on socialization Forum Family With Children With Disabilities (FKKDAC) Gresik, the Princess Mijil, Tuesday (21 / 12).
He explained that the biggest mistake parents in guiding children is too much to expect from the child so the child's development is reduced. "Parents also need to be aware of child IQ, when 50-60 including tuna graita mild, IQ 30-49 graita tuna medium, to heavy graita tuna IQ below 29," said Joko front of 100 children with disabilities from 7 SLB as Gresik.
While the expert staff of Gresik Regent, Khusaini Mustas, who opened the seminar hopes the institute can become a place of parents whose children with disabilities in Gresik because there is no orphanage for children with disabilities.
"But in the district is already there, called the social worker (PSM), so that later the interests of parents with a PSM can be well maintained," said the former Kadindik this Gresik.
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