Get legal Bolivia Cocaine Drink from Leaves

Saturday, January 22, 2011 Label:
Bolivian coca leaves are pushing decriminalization by launching a soft drink made from coca, Tuesday (18 / 1). In fact, coca is a plant compound producing cocaine.
Drinks were given the name "coca Brynco" and launched with an official ceremony in La Paz, in order to emphasize strong support from the government of Evo Morales to the effort.
With the aim to compete with well-known brand soft drinks from the United States "Coca Cola", as well as the introduction of "Coca Colla", the drink is a major effort to increase production of coca farmers in the rural province of Bolivia, the Chapare.
"Drink it also has been welcomed in market research and about the taste," said company chief Brynco Koka, Johnny Vargas, told the news agency ABI.
In recent years La Paz has moved to expand the planting of coca, even Morales - who also heads the unity of coca farmers in Chapare - invite the attention of the audience when he chewed the leaves of plants in meeting the United Nations.
Some products such as tea, flour, toothpaste and alcoholic beverages have been manufactured with coca ingredient.
Bolivia which is the third largest coca producer after Colombia and Peru, growing coca plants in an area of 30,500 hectares in 2008, up six percent from a year earlier, according to the Agency for Drugs and Crime United Nations.
Coca leaf grown in the Andes for 3,000 years and is part of the culture and identity of the residents there, according to Morales.
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