Antioxidants boost fertility

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Label:
Based on the results of 34 studies of 3000 couples, found that antioxidants consisting of vitamin E and Zinc can improve fertility. But make no mistake, that should consume these antioxidants are men.
This is evidenced in 96 pregnancies that occurred from 964 couples from 15 such studies, researchers found the use of antioxidants in men.
"Oral antioxidant supplements may indeed improve the ability of couples to berkonsepsi," says lead researcher Marian Showell dai University of Auckland, New Zealand.
The researchers initially focused on the men in the subfertile category. They are the men that are less fertile based on the average value of fertility, but was still able to fertilize an egg.
The study then found that men who consume certain amounts of antioxidants, four times more successful in making their partner pregnant than those who do not consume antioxidant supplements. But researchers from New Zealand is continuing that antioxidants do not necessarily improve fertility. need more research to make sure.
Subfertilitas occurs in one in 20 men into the cause of half the delay of conception. More than 80 percent of cases subfertilitas occur because of the effects of oxidative stress, which not only reduces the number of sperm cells but also its quality.
Oxidative stress occurs when molecules called free radicals produced during bermatabolisme cells, damaging DNA and cells' ability to function. To fight it, can be obtained from a number of antioxidant vitamins and nutrients that serve to protect cells and stabilize free radicals. This is the idea the researchers suspect that antioxidants can also help the sperm to swim more healthy.
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