Seemed to shock? Indications There Can Be Serious Illness

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You never like an electric shock when the tips of his meeting with one another? If so, consider further, the presence or absence of a sense of aftershocks that came next. Could be it's not a serious sign. But it is not impossible there are health issues that need to watch out behind it.
Kasim Rasjidi SpPD-KKV, DTM & H, MCTM, MHA, Sp.JP, FIHA said the symptoms feel like the shock really is not anything unusual, because there is electricity in the body naturally. It could also, due to excess vitamins or the influence of certain drugs.
But the numbness also need to watch out. Because it can be idikator several serious illnesses. For example, diabetes. A sense of numbness can occur in the pre-diabetes and diabetes after whack. "Depending on the sensitivity of each individual," said Kasim.
In diabetes, said Kasim, a sense of numbness is a symptom that must be wary of. Therefore, this could be a sign of complications of nerve or circulatory system. "But to trace the direction it needs in-depth examination, which includes mind, body, and soul of the patient."
Examination of health conditions that required a check is blood. Who want revealed levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, and uric acid. "Patients will also be considered tensinya," added the doctor who became speaker Smart FM radio health talk show this.
Kasim explains the adopted person's belief system also affect the health condition. Not merely suggestions. "But, faith is what guides the mind and led to reactions in the body."
Edge Nerve Inflammation
Though small, the nerve also require electricity supply. A sense of numbness can be sticking out on any body part, depending on the area affected. The disease called neuritis''''. Kasim clear.
To conclude it true that neuritis is the cause of numbness, the doctor needs to explore the background of the patient. That way, patients should be told details of daily habit. ''Because, numbness very broad possible causes, including due to lupus, cancer, or bone pins,''said Kasim.
Your blood pressure is not good? Do not panic. Make sure you do a repetition of blood pressure measurement. Measure''in a state of tension when the body is relaxed,''said Kasim.
If indeed you are hypertension, a sense of numbness should not be underestimated. There is a possibility that leads to serious condition. ''As the contraction of blood vessels, stroke or other,''said this cardiovascular consultant.
Once controlled hypertension, continued Kasim, a sense of numbness will disappear by itself. Whereas, if it is related stroke, the speed loss of numbness relative to each individual. ''It could be fast, can also slow.''

A man once approached Kasim with diabetes concerns. When Ramadan ago, he felt often urination and declining stamina as the sun yet again on the head. "With a family history of diabetes, he thought maybe they experienced a symptom of diabetes."
The next day, in the practice room, Kasim to ask the man's daily habits. Apparently, in Ramadan this year he likes to drink tea at dawn. "Tea makes us more frequent urination," said Kasim.
The same is often experienced by office workers with air-conditioned room. Especially those who have a habit of drinking tea or coffee. ''Both these beverages make the body fluid to leak out through the urine,''said Kasim.
However, many people do the wrong way of prevention of health complaints that they were experiencing. When there are parts of his body began to feel tingling or numbness, they quickly vote with vitamins to boost stamina. Kasim affirm this step will not be affected. ''Because they need to get rid of the inconvenience is only improving his body hydration with water.''
With a variety of causes numbness, how each individual should behave when experiencing? Kasim invites us not to draw hasty conclusions. ''Start thinking of the cause of the simplest,''advice the doctor who practices at the hospital Asri Duren Tiga, South Jakarta
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