Want Children More Healthy Digestion? Come Train They Fasting

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"Fasting you will, you will be healthy." Hadith the Messenger of Allah was not just good embed for all adult Muslims, remains also the children. In daily on non-Ramadan months, children spend more time to eat and drink as they please without looking at the nutritional content in it. How do parents anticipate the habit?
Besides teaching children to be more careful eating snacks, explains the benefits and content of food, self-control of appetite is also very useful. One of them, of course, train your child fast.
Pediatricians as well as a nutritionist, dr. Khairunnisa describes some of the benefits obtained if the children are trained early fasting. He even suggested that train fasting in children from age 3 to 6 years. "There is no set standard of what age children are trained to fasting, but better than age 3 to 6 years. Thus, the child will get used to," said the doctor who was familiarly called Nisa, Wednesday (4 / 8).
The beginning of fasting in children, continued Nisa, is something new and worth a try. However, because the resistance level of each child is different, parents should practice fasting according to the ability of the child. "Parents do not need to be too hard," said Kharunnisa.
Besides forcing a child to fast in the timeframe they are not capable of, according to Nisa feared could damage the perception of children about fasting. "Just follow the first child's ability," said Nisa.
According to Nisa, the impact of fasting for the health of children is also great. Both the physical impacts are also spiritual. "Of course more healthy, they usually snack or meal without parental monitoring. Now, if the child is fasting, diet will be arranged by parents. So God willing nutritional value better," said Nisa.
Viewed from a spiritual perspective, fasting also can train their patience and discipline. "In particular discipline within hours of eating," he said.
Khairunnisa also explained, in substance, the fasting is beneficial in balancing the body's functions, especially the digestive system function. "Conceivably we digestive organs such as mouth, stomach, intestine does not stop working for a living. Fasting was a good time to rest and cleanses the entire digestive tool," he explained.
With the recovery of gastrointestinal function, he said, the function of other body systems are expected to cure themselves from various diseases to recover and return to normal. In medical terms the process according to him, called self-healing or healing of self.
"Basically, our bodies were created to be able to heal myself and this ability is extraordinary. However, self-healing can occur when the body is given the chance for recovery with the fast," he explained.
Although every human being has the ability to self-healing, Khairunnisa still recommend to keep also should practice a healthy lifestyle while fasting. He gave some advice that is to choose foods that are natural, not over-eating, chew food 30-50 times per mouthful and familiarize themselves diligently to consume fruits and vegetables. (Dante 17)
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