Sri Mulyani: Ethics And Integrity Do not compromised

Saturday, November 27, 2010 Label:
Former Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that Indonesia still has to learn to upholding public ethics and develop the traditions of responsible public policy in the struggle to build the nation.
"The events of some time ago are the milestones that are very valuable for Indonesia to learn about the struggle to build the nation in upholding public ethics and build a tradition of responsible public policy," said Sri Mulyani said in a written speech delivered at the launching of the book Why Sri Mulyani in Jakarta on Friday night.
He said, as people who never accepted responsibility for public office in Indonesia and is currently in international institutions, believe that ethics and integrity should not be compromised. "I still hold firm believes that ethics and integrity, is a condition that should not be compromised," he said.
On that occasion, he expressed gratitude to all those who have fought to preserve the noble values in order to stay strong growth in Indonesia. "Caring and perseverance are a valuable element for a nation to progress and dignity," he said.
He said he was deeply touched by the spirit of a number of parties who are diligent and tireless not want to give enlightenment and improvement of the quality of public ethics in Indonesia.
"One form of enlightenment that is the effort to rewrite Steve Susanto that political events over a year ago, which concerns economic events two years ago," he said.
Sri Mulyani also mentioned that the distance of Indonesia in Washington DC will not be able to weaken even abolish the love of Indonesia.
While the author of Why Sri Mulyani, Steve Susanto said the preparation of the book was to provide a more balanced view. "After Sri Mulyani to the United States, the debate was almost no problem anymore, but it does not mean there are no questions related to that," said Steve.
When asked if anything to do with the nomination in the 2014 election, Steve says, it is beyond the scope of a book he wrote. After finishing this book, Steve plans to compile the book back and discuss the relevance of Century Bank and Antaboga case.
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