Child Sexual Abuse Victims Taxable Schizophrenia At-Risk Adult

Friday, November 26, 2010 Label:
Child sexual abuse victims at greater risk of schizophrenia later in life affected, say Australian researchers. The study shows that sexual violence happens more than twice, allowing a child affected by schizophrenia as adults.
This risk is even higher if sexual violence occurred in the early adolescent years. Margaret Cutajar, from Monash University in Victoria and his colleagues found that nearly one in five adults who had been raped when they were aged 13 and 15 years, by more than one person, eventually suffering from schizophrenia.
In their report, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, they said the new results of research could not prove the causal relationship between abuse and psychosis in the future. However, at least they can help to show a group of people who would benefit from professional help.
The researchers linked data from three decades of police and medical examination in a mental health registers in the Australian state of Victoria. Then they compared the rate of psychotic illness among people who are victims of sexual kekerassan before age 16 years and a control group of people from the voter list.
"The design was a study stands out, because the intersection between mental health problems and childhood abuse is a difficult area to investigate," said Mark Shevlin, a professor of psychology at the University of Ulster in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
Many studies to date, continued Shevlin, have relied on retrospective recovery of traumatic experiences. "And the recovery, not always reliable," he said. He stressed the findings do not mean sexual harassment then triggers psychosis immediately. Because psychosis may arise from other risk factors such as poverty or difficult family situations.
Still, he said, children who experienced sexual violence, especially by family members, may become anxious and see the world as a place that threaten them. "These things might explain such things as paranoid beliefs. Obviously very influential environmental factors in the development of serious health problems. " Shevlin said.
Craig Steel, an expert in psychological trauma at Reading University in England, said that although both the U.S. and UK government recommended the use of cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to medication, psychiatrists tend not to focus on the patient's personal history.
"At least this study adds weight to the fact that, as a physician when confronted with people with schizophrenia, trauma assessment should become a routine part of our training," said Steel.
Children are not the only one who can get the psychological scars of sexual violence, although they may be particularly vulnerable. Adults who experienced sexual violence in adulthood are also prone to psychological injury. In a recent study of Danish women, Shevlin said, those who become victims of rape, the possibility of receiving a diagnosis of psychosis at a later date.
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