Indonesian Finance Minister: Impact of the Korean Conflict, while only

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Label:
Minister of Finance, Agus Martowardojo said the conflict in South Korea and North Korea will only temporarily impact on the Indonesian economy. Believes, the impact will be to re-stabilize in the near future.
"It certainly could impact the canal if the war, but why we berkayakinan that if that there is influence, moreover nature. And we'll go back to Indonesia is stable, "he said, in Jakarta, Wednesday (24/11/2010).
Agus concerned over the two friendly countries Korean conflict that erupted a few times lately.
When asked about the effect of this conflict to Southeast Asia, he was less agreement when it is said the impact would be huge. "We do not agree with it, because Southeast Asia is actually the source of global growth today, East Asia and Latin America,"he explained.
Stressed, the minister believes that the future of East Asia will continue to grow, along with Latin America.
Previously reported, North Korea (North Korea) back in action for the attack neighbor and rival, South Korea (ROK). Forces both countries mutual bombardment since Tuesday (23/11/2010).
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