Caution Do not Make a habit of assuming Laptops

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Label:
Not a few people who used to use thighs instead of a table to put the laptop. Although practical, be aware of skin disorders caused by the heat that comes from the portable computer.
Although the burning sensation that comes from a laptop processor machines do not cause skin burns, lap can cause permanent darkening of skin color or also called toasted skin syndrome. Although rare, the skin is exposed to heat from the laptop can also trigger skin cancer.
Heat from the laptop can reach 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we are advised not to assume the laptop for too long. Skin disorders is one of 10 types of negative effects of using laptops for the noted health experts.
In the past, toasted skin syndrome usually suffered by the workers whose job it is adjacent to heat sources, such as workers in a bakery or a glass maker.
"The skin is dark when viewed under a microscope is similar to skin damage from too much exposure to sunlight," said Dr. Kimberley Salkey, professor of dermatology from Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA.
Medical reports show case a few years ago a man with a temperature in the scrotum or testicles increased because of too often assume the laptop. In the long run, this will lead to reduced production of sperm cells to become infertile.
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