Dad ... Do not Ever Forget When I Has Gone

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Label:
Mikayla Francis may not be able to celebrate Christmas again. However, this is not the biggest fear this brave little girl yet. He asked with a wistful voice to the father. "Please, do not forget when I was gone."
Mikayla new six-year-old suffering from a rare liver cancer and has now spread to his lungs. The father, Andrew Francis, said his son loved ones continue to hug his parents.
"Please do not forget me. If you have a baby again, would you say about me or not," said Mikayla question.
"He was incredible and knows no fear at all. He is really an example," the father. Doctor Mikayla asks parents to celebrate Christmas more quickly because of the possibility Mikayla could not celebrate Christmas and not be able to see Santa.
Mikayla will celebrate Christmas and know seventh birthday on Saturday, this weekend. Everyone was touched by the story of Mikayla. Many who came to offer support, balloons, food, and providing for a birthday, and 500 people will come in celebration of his birthday.
Mikayla was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma liver cancer last August. Francis said he admired for his brave daughter. When the father asked questioned whether he was afraid, he answered very brave and innocent.
"No father. I am not afraid. I felt great and little thought that heaven would be a pleasant place," he said.
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