Canned Food Eating Tips

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 Label:
Canned food is now very wide range starting from processed meats, vegetables, fruits to snacks. Pack the food in cans is one way of curing technology, namely by doing stage sterilization by heat and high pressure.
In addition to preserving foods this process is also useful to ripen food, but also can be deadly microbes. As consumers, we know it's good tips when going to eat canned food. The following tips are reported by the Jakarta Police Public Relations:.
1. Add the kosher label and its ingredientsAdd the kosher label clearly, if produced domestically check whether the halal label in accordance with the recommended LPPOM MUI. When imported products, check whether the label specified halal certification issued by agencies recognized by the LPPOM MUI.
Be sure to read its ingredients, halal issues likely to be seen from the basic materials used are food cans.
2. Choose cans that are not leaking, not bloated and does not rust.Cans that leak can be seen from the stain with tin aroma is quite oppressive. Look around if there are parts of tin cans that penyoknya accompanied by seepage. Cans that leak can cause deterioration microbe entering and contaminating the food.
3. Note the expiration dateThe expiration date is often not visible. See the jelly is it still worth the consumption or not. Leave when there is information of dubious expired (expiration date stamp impressed ditimpah / double).
4. Store in a safe placeThe good, canned food once only used for processing. If canned food is already open and not sold out, immediately move the rest of the food into a sealed container or a clean plastic bag, seal tightly and store in freezer immediately.
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