What Happens When Angry Mother Often in Children?

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At present not a few housewives who do violence on their children. Domestic violence occurs because of various reasons of which are shut out of economic, social, and psychological problems culprit.

According to child psychologists, Elly Risman Musa, children often take a hit will affect the psychological state of pain and anxiety would be treated again at another time. Another consequence of poor children also are learning to express anger. '' Children will learn that if angry to beat,'' said Elly in one consultation.

This will be bad for the adjustment of the child when he began to interact with peers outside the home. Children will be easy to beat when her demands were not met by their friends or when I'm upset. Later, said Elly, children will get a negative label of another child like naughty, naughty, hit builders, and so forth, which in turn will lower self-esteem.

When mothers often experience emotional problems when you're coming months, the Elly suggested that the mother knows for sure when the premenstrual syndrome will appear. If you feel you're not comfortable, try to hold back or take action to withdraw from the child when he was doing the unwanted behavior. '' Go into the room or go to the bathroom to wash her face or her ablutions,'' said Elly.

If you feel more comfortable try to think calmly about your child's mistakes. '' Make me a message stating the child's behavior that she does not like and the feelings she saw, for example,'' If Azam climbed up to the bars, she was upset that later could fall'' Azam,'' said Elly.
By saying it, children learn the consequences of his actions to the feelings of his mother. If you say in a voice not loud, the child will keep his memory and hopefully he does not repeat again.
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