Apple's acquisition of Chomp

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With a total of 25 billion downloads, Apple's application store is amazing, but not without drawbacks. Finding one or more of the 500 thousand applications in Apple's App Store is not easy.

But may now be easier, because, according to technology blog TechCrunch, Apple has bought Chomp search application that allows users to search for the desired application.

"We first revealed Chomp in November 2009 to announce their initial funds. Since then, they have developed their scope to include not only iPhone apps, but Android," writes TechCrunch.

In fact, Chomp has just reached an agreement with Verizon to start searching for all applications based on Android. And with Apple's acquisition of it, obviously, the relationship becomes awkward deal.

"My understanding that the deal will remain intact for now, but chances are over after the team Chomp and completely switched to Apple products," says author TechCrunch, MG Siegler, in his report.

Chomp search not only by keywords, but also will connect on the usability of an application. This is not a cheap acquisition, says TechCrunch. Apple has nearly 100 billion dollars in cash (or cash equivalents) in the bank.

Chomp has increased at least 2.5 million dollars of capital in two rounds of funding. The Company has a 20-an employee who will all join Apple.

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