Energy Saving Lamp Lighting Market to Reach 80 Percent

Friday, December 2, 2011 Label:
Trends in the use of energy efficient lighting in Indonesia will continue to rise rapidly in the next few years with demand projected to reach 400 million units per year.

Manager Lamp Permasaran PT Philips Indonesia Commercial Syafrullah Hendry told reporters in Jakarta on Friday, said that currently about 80 percent of the sales market has been controlled lamp energy saving lamp, both local and imported products.

"The product Philips energy saving light until now controls about 65 percent market share. Currently, about 85 percent of our products are energy-efficient lighting," he said after a prize house worth Rp 1 billion to the winners of the program "Philips blatant".

Hendry suggests that the total energy used for lighting (lamps) around the world, has now reached 20 percent of total energy use. "The use of energy saving lamps are expected to suppress the amount of energy use and help the government program," he said.

In addition to expanding the focus of the market share of energy-efficient lighting, electronics company headquartered in the Netherlands, also continue to campaign for lighting products "Light Emitting Diode" (LED) are energy efficient and durable up to age 25 years.

"Now the market is still very small, only about 3 percent. The main obstacle is the cost of marketing the LED lights are still expensive dibandung ordinary light," said Hendry. In addition to energy-efficient and durable, continued Hendry, LED lighting products have also adopted environmentally friendly technologies.

Sources: Antara
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