Dried camel liver, Drug of the Desert

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Label:
Camels, one of the characteristics typical of animals from Saudi Arabia, is known to have environmental adaptability is extraordinary. Humped beast is capable of living in a barren desert and the scorching heat can reach 41 degrees Celsius. He also can survive in extremely cold air.

Besides known as animal workers, camel meat and milk become one of the food is quite sought after. Stir-stir camel liver, is one of the rare foods that can only be found in the month of Ramadan.

Hajj pilgrims often find the dried camel liver as a souvenir from the holy land. Camel liver is believed efficacious able to cure diseases and disorders ashma lungs. For people with ashma, perhaps can try camel liver as an alternative healing.

Liver camel packaging, are usually sold in Arabic, comes from the heart healthy camel that has undergone a drying process. Heart camels include "prey items". Available with a variety of packaging, starting price of Rp 50,000. pilgrims from different countries who buy camel liver as a gift or deposit.

Method of treatment with camel's heart was hard. Simply roasted with little oil, or baked with a small flame. If it is ripe, mashed into a powder camel liver. Can be taken twice a day to be nutritious treat respiratory disorders.
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