Beware Anemia Patients Pain Tired

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Anaemia or iron deficiency in the body can lead to difficult to concentrate, it is easy to feel tired and listless look.
Patients with anemia who perform the pilgrimage should be aware of the condition of nutritional intake. Because of the Hajj is physically demanding work gives a more severe effect in patients with anemia. They will more easily tired than the other pilgrims who do not suffer from anemia.
To anticipate these tired people with anemia should still maintain their nutritional intake. Staff Expert Medical Association Physician Nutrition Indonesia Jaya Raya, Saptawati Bardosono, said that must be considered for patients with anemia pilgrims are enough bodily fluids.
Enough fluids will greatly assist the process of distribution of all substances that are consumed by the pilgrims. If less liquid will be very dangerous in addition to causing dehydration of the intake of the nutrients we eat is difficult to spread throughout the body. "No amount of intake that we eat contain a distributed hard substances the body needs," he explained.
In addition, balanced nutrition by eating three times a day to be the main requirement for people with anemia. Pilgrims are asked to not procrastinate eating in the middle of the fun of worship. "Do not wait for a new hunger to eat. Do not wait for symptoms of anemia giving out new nutritional intake into the body, "pleaded Saptawati.
To increase the intake of iron in, pilgrims must consume lots of green vegetables, nuts, eggs, red meat and foods that are enriched or fortified with iron.
Red meat, said Saptawati, very easily available in Saudi Arabia. Like the lamb liver, lamb, beef even. The types of food are said to be the primary source to meet the deficiency of iron in the body.
As for the source nabatinya of which can be obtained from potato, spinach, kale and broccoli. Of legumes such as kidney beans and green beans. Iron can also be obtained from marine fish and chicken.
Saptawati reminiscent of the pilgrims who are reluctant to consume fruits and vegetables while in the country to begin to change consumption patterns. Start eating fruits and vegetables that contain fiber main and other vitamins such as vitamin C rich citrus
If the pilgrims, especially people with anemia have started to feel tired, fatigued and lethargic immediately to check the hemoglobin (Hb) of blood. This is to ascertain whether it is due to fatigue caused by anemia who suffered or because of other causes. If the normal Hb then fatigue started to attack was not caused by anemia. But if the hemoglobin was low so tired due to anemia diidapnya.
On the other hand taking supplements to increase the blood in patients with anemia is said to be of help. But more importantly is the intake of food consumption with balanced nutrition. That is enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins. As well as vitamins and other minerals like zinc, iodine, calcium, vitamin D, tiaminriboflavin, niacin, vitamin B 12, vitamin C and folic acid.
The importance of iron intake that influences blood cell formation is also very influential on the distribution of oxygen to the brain. If the oxygen to the brain is less then the body will be lethargic. If flagging will be difficult to perform pilgrimage to the fullest. Because it reminds Saptawati pilgrims in general and in particular people with anemia, in order to discipline in the consumption of nutritional balanced diet, fruits and vegetables.
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