Reason for Your Kids Stay away from Facebook

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Label:
The psychologist in California, United States (U.S.), in Washington on Saturday (6 / 8) says that the more often children frolic with Facebook then it will make them become a narcissist. Not only that, these conditions will also make children's health complications.

Psychologist at Cal State Dominguez Hills, Larry Rosen explained in a presentation on his research about the potential dangers of social networking sites that children can be accepted. Los Angeles Times reported.

Rosen, who is currently undertaking research on the impact of technology on society over the past two decades, said that children and teens who use technology, like video games and the Internet, will be more experienced abdominal pain, sleep disorder, anxiety and depression.

Some who frequently interact with Facebook will be a narcissist. That's because, the availability of tissue obtained its users to publish information about any personality diingankan.

Referring to Facebook users, both young and old, Rosen said that more and more people use the internet, the more it will build his own problems, including a kind of antisocial personality disorder, paranoia, anxiety and alcohol users.

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