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Apple and Samsung Electronics managed to topple the regime which had ruled the Nokia smart phone sales market for 15 years, it was based on reports second quarter Nokia.
Previously, Nokia has dominated the smartphone market since the launch of the Nokia Communicator model in 1996, but the harsh competition of the two nearest competitors and the decline in sales to make the Nokia immediate resignation of the first rank to rank third in the last three months. It signifies the development of Nokia in the sector began to slow.
Apple's scoring record with 20.3 million iPhones sold this quarter. Remarkably, the sales of the iPhone 4 can survive more than a year because there is rarely a smart phone that can survive in the market for a long time.
Apple has reported its sales results last week, but analysts predicted on Friday to sell 19 million handsets Samsung smart phones during the quarter. While Nokia is selling 16.7 million handsets have to take advantage of the high demand for smart phones that use Google's Android software.
"Portfolio Galaxy has proved popular, especially the Android model S2," said Neil Mawston, an analyst at Strategy Analytics. "
Strategy Analytics estimates that the volume of the smart phone market grew 76 percent from a year ago in the second quarter, while ABI Research pessimistic market could grow 62 percent.
Slow Sales
The growth of the global mobile market experiencing a decline in the April-June, as sales dropped home phone for the first time in the last seven quarters as consumers save on expenses, according to research firm IDC on Friday.
IDC said the high demand for smart phones can push the market continues to grow 11.3 percent from a year ago to 365.4 million, or phone, even though it was a setback from the previous quarter growth of 16.8 percent.
Strategy Analytics estimates that the total mobile phone market to 361 million in the quarter. In a Reuters poll, 29 analysts estimate the total amounting to 374 million mobile phone market.
IDC said sales fell four per cent of telephony features from a year ago due to a shift in style to shop smart phones in developed markets like the United States, Japan and Western Europe.
"Market Penyusutas phone features a large impact on a few suppliers in the mobile world," said analyst Kevin Restivo said in a statement.
"Stalwarts such as Nokia lost market share in the category of feature phones for cheap suppliers such as Micromax, TCL-Alcatel and Huawei."
Nokia is still the world's largest mobile phone maker by volume, given the shrinking sales of Nokia mobile phones 20 percent from a year ago.
It helps to fill the gap Samsung Nokia in the mobile market which fell to its lowest level.
Some analysts expect Samsung will be the largest mobile phone seller in the world next year, so
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