Up Grade Honeycomb 3.1 for Users Motorola Xoom

Friday, July 29, 2011 Label:
Motorola Indonesian provides an up-grade operating system for users of Motorola Motorola Xoom Xoom and Wifi. Up grade the service automatically (over the air) from Android Honeycomb 3.0 to 3.1 can be dated July 29, 2011.

This update will provide additional interesting features that users get from Motorola Xoom and make it increasingly easy to create an environment for businessmen seemed to PC.

The new feature also supports SD card slot, so users can add their Xoom Motorola memory up to 64GB, with an additional 32GB SD card. This update will also add to the multitasking capabilities, providing instant visual access to many applications and home screen widgets that can be resized.

Google's Android development claimed as new versions Honeycomb has advantages such as:
  • Increased multi-tasking capabilities for instant visual access to many applications
  • Home screen widgets that can be resized to Gmail, Calendar and Browser
  • Supports keyboard and mouse usage simultaneously with the Bluetooth facility (in various combinations)
  • Supports most of PC joysticks and gamepad connected to the USB or Bluetooth
  • The photos can be directly transferee from the camera, so users can connect the camera to the USB and transfer the photos to the Gallery with a single touch
  • New Features High-performance Wi-Fi lock allows applications to maintain a Wi-Fi well even when the screen dies
  • Preloaded Adobe Flash Player and File Manager

The automatic upgrade will bring up a notification on the window with the option for users to immediately download or can do so at a later time. Upgrades can be downloaded manually by selecting "Settings> About Tablet> System Updates". The new system is sized 40MB.
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