Optimistic Fujitsu, Tablet Able to Expand Market Share

Monday, July 25, 2011 Label:
Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is optimistic enlarge market share in Indonesia because of the growing public interest in having such a device with layered security.
"Today, the world of technology advancements in the world continues to grow rapidly. For that, we believe the` Tablet PC 'became one of the tools to master the Indonesian market to South East Asia, "said Marketing Communications Executive Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific, Cynthia Yunita Utami, encountered in the introduction three "Tablet PC" that uses an Intel Core TM, "in Surabaya on Monday.
According to him, the current technology competition getting tougher. In fact, every manufacturer of IT products is always issued a different technology. To that end, it seeks to provide layered security level of personal data. "For example,` fingerprint 'technology, 3D (three dimensional) `` shock sensor, BIOS Lock and LifeBook `Lock`, and `options` HD Lock, "he said.
He believes, with the completeness of these innovations can address the needs of an increasingly complex computing so as to compete in the marketplace "Tablet PC" national. "Another effort, we also adopted the concept of 'green factory' to any product offered to the public in order to create a healthy environment in the future," he said.
Scale related sales "Tablet PC" by far, "Senior Business Development Manager of Fujitsu Asia Pacific", Janius Tan, claim, accounts for between 20-30 percent of total sales of all products.
"With the release of new products at this time, we are confident to increase its contribution to 40 percent," he said.
To realize that target, he details, had to pick three software developers in between Intel and Microsoft. In fact, cooperated with a number of IT products distributor in the country.
"We hope that the socialization of new products may also increase the contribution of the sales of all products in Indonesia to 50 percent compared to sales last year donated a dominating 40 percent in Southeast Asia," he said.
In addition, he continued, since the issuance of "Tablet PC" in 1989 to the present mastery of the product in the national market has reached 30 percent while the remaining 70 percent was contributed by non-"Tablet PC".Editors: Taufik rachmanSources: between
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