Instant Messaging Trends So Mobile Users

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Label:
Telkomsel is still going to make bundling as a source of new customers. However, for service bundling, Telkomsel will prioritize phone to feature instant messaging and social networking.

''Instant messaging will become a trend. Because instant messaging is not only the needs of people in urban areas alone, other people also started to use this service to communicate,''said GM Device Management Bundling Heru Sukendro Telkomsel in Jakarta, Monday (2 / 4).

Service instances are very popular messaging via mobile phones following the popularity of the Blackberry messaging. Later a number of phone vendors to develop similar services. Nokia, for example, released Whats Apps services.

Today, SingTel took CSL blueberries for the development of instant messaging services. CSL Blueberry and Blueberry presents Me Telkomsel, which offer chat services, instant messaging and social networking to mobile users blueberries at the rate of Rp 1,000 per day.

In this service, Blueberry offers many exciting features, including the use of the photo to profiles, up to date status, sending a message in the form of sound, moving pictures and emoticons. Customers also can set the theme of the display screen to chat with a wide selection of attractive colors, and set the tone for chat.

Blueberry phones that support this service, has a button to activate the chat service. In this case, subscribers simply press the button to chat to activation without having to sign in..
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