Apparently, Foot Sweating Can Attractive Malaria Mosquitoes

Sunday, May 8, 2011 Label:
Feet sweat attract mosquitoes. According to Remco Suer research doctoral candidate at the University of Wageningen.
Female mosquitoes use smell of feet to find their targets in the last few yards before reaching the target, according to the university Friday (6 / 5) this. Malaria mosquitoes can detect people from dozens of meters through the carbon dioxide in the air that we breathe.
But on the way, a few meters before reaching the target, guided by the smell of malaria mosquitoes bacteria that live on the skin of the foot. Research explains why mosquitoes more often pierced wrists and feet rather than around the mouth.
Wageningen researchers see the potential to disrupt the search behavior of mosquitoes and also inhibit its spread.
Source: RNW
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