UN: No infectious Diseases Cause of Death Worldwide

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Label:
No infectious diseases (NCDs) are the major killer today and increase continues, said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky at UN Headquarters, New York, United States, on Wednesday (27 / 4). "The increase in chronic NCDs become a huge challenge," said Nesirky told reporters at UN Headquarters. He quoted the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, "For some countries, not an overstatement to describe the situation as a disaster that lurk; disaster for health, for the community, and most importantly for the national economy."
WHO issued the first global status report on NCDs, Wednesday (27 / 4), which claims 36.1 million people died in 2008 due to conditions such as heart disease, stroke, chronic lung disease, cancer and diabetes. Meanwhile, low-income countries and middle face nearly 80 percent of all deaths from the disease.
However, millions of deaths can be prevented by application of more powerful all the actions that exist today such as monitoring of anti-tobacco stronger and increase healthier food, physical activity and reduction of harmful alcohol use, and increasing human access to basic health care, plus Nesirky.
The new report was issued during the WHO Global Forum on NCDs, which was attended by 300 key figures from around the world in Moscow, Russia, to take action on NCDs. The Forum provides advice for all countries and give special attention to the condition in which low-income countries and middle class, who face the harshest attacks NCDs. 
Source: Antara / Xinhua-OANA
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