HIPMI: Stop Imports of Clothing Koko, Veil, and Batik China

Saturday, April 23, 2011 Label:

Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) requested the government to stop imports of finished goods that become rivals or competitors' products from the domestic SMEs. 

"We have already indicated to the import of finished goods such as koko shirt, scarf, batik even entered the Indonesian market," said Chairman Hipmi, Erwin Aksa, said here on Friday, on the sidelines of the Joint Executive for Empowering Young Entrepreneur Between Smesco SMEs and HIPMI. 

Erwin Aksa said that the government must strictly to close the faucet imports of finished goods in order to protect the production of similar products of local SMEs. According to him, the protection against local SMEs can not only increase anti-dumping tariffs but there should be special treatment that is closing the faucet total imports of goods. 

"We must be bold and aligned to local SMEs, in that way," he said. It has submitted proposals to the government including the type of product that must be protected. 

"If we let the local SME products to deal directly with imported products mainly from China, it will be difficult to compete because China has the nature of mass production," he said. He pointed out, there are a number of products such as batik or weaving produced by local SMEs over the past two months to one sheet of cloth. 

Meanwhile, Minister for Cooperatives and SMEs, Sjarifuddin Hasan, on the same occasion, said it was time to draw from the experience of Indonesian businessman business people from overseas, especially China. "We should be able to imitate the spirit, must exchange thoughts, experiences, information, and draw from their technology," he said. 

Source: Antara
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