Finally BI Stop Expansion Citibank Credit Card

Friday, April 8, 2011 Label:
Bank Indonesia prohibits Citibank Indonesia expands search for new customers or credit card until the completion of the examination conducted by the Bank of Indonesia concerning the death of Citibank credit card customers Irzen Octa last week. "We asked Citibank to stop the expansion or not seeking new customers in Citigold and credit cards while waiting for a special examination of BI in both these product lines," said Head of Public Relations Bureau Difi A Johansyah Bank Indonesia in Jakarta on Thursday.

The ban, he said only applies to two Citibank products, while other products are still allowed to run, including transactions from customers old and Citigold credit card. "Service for old customers remain open, including other products and services," he said.

He explained that the expansion in both services and products that are prohibited until the completion of special audit by a team of Bank Indonesia at Citibank. "The supervisors, among others, will examine the SOP in service at the Citigold and on the use of debt collectors and the deal work," said Difi.

Earlier, Governor of Bank Indonesia has banned Nasution said Citibank entered the collection of new customer-related burglary Citigold customer funds worth Rp17 billion committed senior manager Citibank MD.

"We have submitted a letter requesting guidance to banks that the bank to resolve the problem as well as possible without harming customers, take steps to improve internal control and temporarily stop the accumulation Citigold customers," Darmin said.
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