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Influenza is caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory system. Air as a medium for the spread of the virus and if you breathe air with the condition of the body that do not fit can make you infected with influenza. That is why the spread of influenza is very easy.
Another way influenza viruses are spread when a person with influenza who holds the nose or mouth makes the influenza virus to move into his hands. When the person holding the door handle, the virus moves, and if you hold the handle of the door, the virus had moved into your hands. Furthermore, either intentionally or unintentionally, you may hold the mouth or nose, resulting in viral entry into your body and can cause you to have influenza.
Influenza is not just a threat to humans, but can also attack animals or birds. The danger of this influenza virus is the virus could mutate so as to create new types that can not be resisted by the immune system. Animals are exposed to influenza and infect humans can be dangerous, such as avian influenza or swine influenza virus which is a kind of new. This new type can be dangerous and can cause a deadly influenza epidemic.
Various types of influenza that endanger such as Spanish Influenza, Hong Kong Influenza, Avian Influenza and Influenza or pork should be wary of. If not immediately get the proper treatment, influenza can cause death. Although, now pandemic influenza has abated, but it would not hurt if you continue to protect themselves from influenza disease.
Prevention is better than cure, this applies to the disease influenza. What's more, if you have kids. Protect yourself from getting infected influenza can be a way for your child not experiencing contracting influenza due to you.
One way for the influenza virus does not enter into the body is to wash hands properly. The hand is one way the virus entry into the body. Hand while holding the door handle, the handle on the bus, or the parts of other public places that became a media transfer the virus.
So, to prevent the hand that bervirus enters the body, you should wash your hands after you take the bus, finished using the toilet, before eating and other times when you feel your hands are not clean. Avoid too frequent habit of holding the nose or mouth unnecessarily. Do not use glass or towels at the same time with other people.
You can avoid the flu if you have a strong endurance. Ways to strengthen the body's defenses against the virus is by eating nutritious foods, especially fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. Enough rest or sleep every day can strengthen your body's endurance. No less important is to exercise regularly.
Besides increasing the resilience of the body, you also can prevent the immune system is weakened. One cause of weakening the body's immune system is stress. It is necessary to avoid stress. Lack of sleep also can cause a reduction in endurance, it is important for you to sleep enough each night. Sleep also can help relieve stress.
If you are already infected with influenza, you can do things for your disease from getting worse. Rest if exposed to influenza. Rest or sleep to strengthen the body's immune system. If you work, maybe you can ask for permission to rest at home. By staying at home is also a way that you do not infect the disease to others.
Drink plenty of water.
Water can help the body to avoid dehydration, because when the flu a lot of fluids released by the body.
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