Tips for Answering Questions Children about Sex

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" Why do mothers really big chest, while a small chest? " `Why do men when women squatting to pee while standing?" `Why do women get pregnant?"
Do you ever get a question like that from a child? How do you answer it? Most parents find it difficult to answer questions the child about sex. They will be dodged or even change the subject.
That's why sex education to children from an early age is important. "Usually when parents are not prepared to answer the question, the question will disetop children, and creativity of children stopped asking," explained Director of Human Resources Consulting Psychology, Sani B Herman.
Actually, according to Sani, there are smart ways to answer the questions of children about sex. First, parents need to spend time with children to have a dialogue about sex. "Do not let the children search for information from outside," he said.
However, in Indonesia there are still obstacles to dialogue about sex with children. Like the eastern culture that tends taboo to talk about sex, ignorance to start a dialogue, a sense of shame and awkward, not understanding the benefits gained, confused in the media or material will be informed, and the worry of children become increasingly interested in sexual problems.
"It happened because the parents of the concept, sex means sexual intercourse, but sex is sex," he said. Dialogue sex or sex education can be started when the parents are able to two-way dialogue with the child or when the child turns age of 2 or 3 years until the children married. At 2-3 years old children, teach them the names of members of bodies including their genitals.
"Teach them about sex with a scientific language, but not too vulgar in accordance with their age," said Sani. Entering preschool to graduate school to teach children about the function of their genitals. In addition, also taught how to clean their genitals. "Teach is also what happens if they are not optimal in cleaning their genitals," he explained.
Meanwhile, when entering their teens, teach how they experience puberty, such as changes in body shape and their vital organs, the occurrence of menstruation in girls and wet dreams in boys.
When a child has entered pre-marriage, explain how a healthy sexual relationship. Sex education does not just stop there but also after a child marriage. Parents should teach how to have sex after marriage but remain qualified. "Parents should be more intelligent than the child, not to children are smarter than their parents," he said.
In addition to dialogue sex with children, parents also must show an open attitude, informative, and confident in front of the child. Before talking to children, parents should prepare the appropriate materials and delivery, and use scientific terms. Use a medium or tool of concrete.
"Provide yourself with sufficient insight. So when the children asked their parents are able to answer correctly and scientifically," he said. Also, reassure yourself that sex education is important and useful. "Talk to the experts if confused and hesitant about the child's question," he concluded....
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