Soursop Can Treat Cancer

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Cancer can be treated by consuming herbs or fruits. From many of these herbs have the advantage compared to fruit soursop other.
Soursop is known to prevent and also effective for treating some types of cancer. "For the soursop itself has been studied to treat colon cancer (colon), lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer (breast)," dr Hardhi Pranata, SpS as Chairman of the Association of Medical Doctors Herbal Indonesia (PDHMI .)
Part soursop useful for cancer drug that is the stem, leaf and fruit or in juice form. The fruit can be eaten straight, made juice, or leaves are boiled and then the decoction drunk.
"Either way soursop drink fruit juice, or by boiling 9 soursop leaves and drink the cooking water and then monitored the situation. Usually appetite will increase and the growth of cancer cells is inhibited," he said.
dr Hardhi explains, soursop contain saponin compounds, polyphenols and bioflavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Well, how to kill cancer cells by soursop is different with other herbs. Soursop just kill the cells or abnormal growth of specific cells such as free radicals existing cancer cells. But soursop does not destroy healthy cells.
Besides having good taste, soursop fruit also helps maintain health, prevent illness and treat disease. This is because the soursop fruit can also reduce blood pressure, anti-parasite, a sedative that works to overcome depression, enhance immunity, arthritis and also for uric acid.
"Consumption of soursop fruit should be encouraged again with extinction, because many of the benefits that can be obtained by eating this fruit," said the doctor who practices at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital this.
For Indonesia's own research on the efficacy of soursop and other medicinal plants will be done in the near future. In this study Dharmais Cancer Hospital will cooperate with Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine which difasilitatori by PDHMI. In this research, a combination therapy of drugs and herbs.
"This partnership MoU already signed and is expected to begin in December already begun to do research in Indonesia," he added.
dr Hardhi said at Nanjing University itself has done this combination therapy, and cancer patients found there did not experience nausea, hair loss, weight loss and can still walk around as usual.
It is expected that this combination therapy can reduce the side effects of standard therapies such as cancer by chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, and can reduce the amount of chemotherapy that should be done by the patient.
Plants and fruits that are known to have anti-cancer effects, such as:
  1.  Tomatoes are known to treat prostate cancer, by eating tomatoes that have been boiled.
  2. Red pepper is known to prevent colon cancer if consumed in the long term.
  3. Grape seed is also known to have anti-cancer compounds, therefore if you eat grapes that have seeds and are looking to eat with the skin.
  4. Red betel leaf is known as an anti-breast cancer by boiling.
  5. Wild Ginger is known to have active substance cursil that is as anti-inflammatory, anti-liver and anti cancer.

"Some medicinal plants in Indonesia contain anti-cancer drugs, such as sitotoksin who has the ability to kill and detecting cells that grow abnormally. The compounds in this plant can function in the form of joint but there is also a single," he said.
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